sims 4 transparent floor

sims 4 transparent floor



Update (10-5-2018):
A new version that is completely invisible, it just creates the floor cutouts.
This was made by request  .
Can be found in the same category but priced §1.
(Because they are technically nothing, and they don’t expand as easily as the other tiles, so you need more in some cases)

-Diagonal glass dance floor (Matches EA glass dance floor)
in game name: Half tile dancefloor
catagory: entertainment / hobbies & skills
Price: Â§100

Update (7-7-2016):
A new version of the two full glass tiles: No dancefloor interactions!!
Can be used together with the other version.

New user friendly thumbnails I’ve used are now also added to the version with interactions.

1×1 + diagonal glass floor and dance floor

– 1×1 Glass floor
– Diagonal glass floor
-1×1 Glass dance floor (Matches EA glass dance floor)
– Diagonal dance floor (also matches EA glass dance floor)

recently added:
-Support beam
-Support beam 45°


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