pro tour amonkhet deck lists

pro tour amonkhet deck lists



Sunday Coverage

It’s been a long road for Gerry Thompson of Mutiny, and over four years since his first Pro Tour Top 8 at Pro Tour Gatecrash in 2013. He has gone from the Pro Tour, to an independent series mainstay, to game designer, and then full circle back to the life of a Pro Tour regular that he missed. It took him time to get back on the train, competing regularly in Magic’s flagship tournaments, but his seasoned experience, deck tuning, and sheer skill has ensured that. And after this weekend at Pro Tour Amonkhet, we’ll be seeing even more of him for the next few years.

The Standard format at Pro Tour Amonkhet was hyped by Mardu Vehicles, defined by Aetherworks Marvel, but won by Zombies, the new beatdown deck on the block. The combination of new cards from Amonkhet with many of the Shadows over Innistrad block support for the Zombies archetype proved to be a popular choice at the event, as the deck in a few variations made up over 20% of the metagame. One of those pilots included the eventual winner, as Thompson brought the traditional Mono-Black Zombies build, which had the ability to come out fast, stave off sweepers, or slow things down for the long grind.

It took battling through some of the world’s top players, including Pro Tour Hall of Famer, No. 22-ranked, Musashi team member Yuuya Watanabe in the finals, for Thompson to take home one of Magic’s biggest titles, but in the end, he succeeded, and is already back to work at seeing what he could have done differently to improve from here. After all, there’s a tournament next week, and plenty of weeks remaining in this season plus more to come. Congratulations once again to Gerry Thompson, Pro Tour Amonkhet Champion!


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