bandit decks clash royale

bandit decks clash royale



How to use the bandit deck

  • Targets : ground
  • Cost : 3 elixirs

The bandit is a legendary card that costs 3 elixir. She can dash ground troops within a radius of 4 to 6 tiles. To be able to dash, she must be at least 4 tiles away. When the bandit reaches her target after a dash, she deals twice as much damage as normal.

Her charging mechanism is really special. She emits a whistle when she has locked her target. It can’t be stopped except by a zap or a freeze. At the moment of the dash, the bandit is invulnerable: nothing can inflict damage to her! Not even the bowler and the log can stop her.

She is particularly effective against the prince. The latter will not be able to inflict damage during his own charge. She can therefore defeat a card that costs 5 elixirs and counterattack after : a positive elixir trade!


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