budget reno deck

budget reno deck

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In terms of Reno Warlock card viability thingies I shall just list them for you, I’m mainly just going to be talking about the Control version of the deck because that’s the most common variant of the deck, but some of these cards often see play in even Aggro versions of the archetype so they are definitely worth talking about if you’re wondering about Reno Warlcok in general.


Absolute Core (These cards are either amazing highlander support cards and are the reason why you play this deck, or cards so strong and versatile they’re almost never bad in Reno Warlock):

– Kazakus, Reno, Zephyrs (THe aforementioned amazing highlander cards, they are definitely the highest priority to craft if you don’t already have Bloodreaver)

– Lord Godfrey, Zilliax, (Just all around very effective control cards, they’re both very good to have but if you had to choose i would say craft Lord Godfrey first due to it being an additional board clear for the deck)

– N’zoth, Bloodreaver Gul’dan (These cards usually form the key wincondition of most slow Reno Warlock decks, N’zoth is particularly good for Reno Warlock thanks to the deck inherently running 2 strong deathrattle minions as part of it’s base which I’ll get into later)


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