skateboard blanks wholesale

skateboard blanks wholesale



Get your blank wholesale skateboard decks bulk factory direct.  We build them to order meaning these decks are shipped within a day of being cut and not sitting in a container on a freight liner.  Our normal turn around time is 10-15 days Mon – Friday on all orders 10 decks and below.  This is considered under the minimum orders.  When you hit the bulk prices for custom printing or blank decks it is typically 4-5 weeks depending on the time of the year and how busy we are.  We manufacturer close to 150 decks a day and have the capacity to make much more than that.  If you are a big brand and need quality boards made in USA other than an importer we can handle any size order.  We give huge discounts on orders over 5,000.  Each and every customer is important to us to so if you are buying just one we treat you the same as if you were buying thousands.  We are willing to give each and every person a opportunity to make it big in the skateboard industry.  As a wholesale manufacturer we look forward to taking the time to get to know each and every customer and make sure their needs are met.  We have spent each and every extra dime we have back into the manufacturing production machinery so you the customer benefits from the exciting new technology man has to offer.  With automation at it’s all time high we have taken advantage of what is out there to give a high volume production line without the backbreaking work.  It gives our skilled employees the ability and time to inspect the quality other than stuck sanding boards all day.


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