eternity flooring reviews

eternity flooring reviews



Frontier Collection

Distressed and rustic are the first words that come to mind with flooring from the Frontier Collection. These laminate planks have black edges and are available in four shades with Harvest Gold, Smoked Almond, Walnut Harrington, and Whiskey Sapele. The edges are also beveled on these 48” planks which are around the standard width at 5”. All boards from the Frontier collection have an AC3 rating and are 12.3mm thick.

Barnwood Collection

When you’re looking for a rustic style of plank, but don’t want board as dark or distressed as Frontier flooring, the Barnwood collection may be an ideal choice. This “random length” series comes in three styles with Country Cedar, Country Maple, and Country Walnut. The boards are 7.5”wide but vary in length between 24”, 48”or 72”. These planks have a V-Groove and are rated at AC4.

Quality Collection

Eternity Floors Quality Collection combines the rustic charm from the first two collections with a modern twist. Ginger and Sage planks still have a weathered look while Saffron and Cayenne have a cleaner, more uniform style. All the styles have a light tone, and a pressed or V-Groove edge. Planks for this collection are 47” long and wider than usual at 6 ½” wide.

Timeless Collection

When you appreciate floors that have a distinct look and shades that range from light to dark, the Timeless Collection from Eternity Floors should be on your radar. While there are only two styles with Picasso and Van Gogh, both will bring a unique style to any room in your home. Timeless Collection flooring comes in random lengths like the Barnwood Collection, but these boards are 7 ½” wide.

Manhattan Collection

This collection has a similar vibe to the Timeless boards, but in two new hues called French Gray and Golden Ash. Manhattan Collection planks are the same size as that series as well, but with a few significant differences. These boards have a micro-beveled edge and are manufactured with HDF that’s been treated with Triple Moisture Tech, a moisture-resistant wax.

Triple Moisture Collection

Laminate flooring is known for its durability, not for how it handles water or moisture. The Triple Moisture Collection features flooring that’s been treated with wax but also has a commercial-grade rating. With six colors to choose from, there is a style and hue for everyone. Boards from this collection are 48” long and 5 5/8” or 6 ½” wide with a pressed or V-Groove edge.

Metro Collection

One of the more modern collections from Eternity is the aptly named Metro Collection. These laminate boards are protected with wax and are 12.3mm thick with a pressed edge. They are in the middle of the road in terms of length at 48,” and the same goes for width considering they are 6 ½” wide. There are six styles to choose from, as well with Java, Latte, Chestnut, and Cathedral Gray.

V-Groove Collection

V-Groove boards appear randomly throughout the company’s other collections, but they have two series dedicated to this popular style as well. The V-Groove 12.3mm collection lives up to its namesake when it comes to thickness and is available in seven styles from Ancient Beech to Mocha Maple. By comparison, the V-Groove 8.2mm collection is a little thinner and only available in one style. Those thinner planks come in two different widths however at 5 5/8” and 5 9/16”

Prestige Collection

One of the biggest complaints with laminate flooring is the fact it doesn’t look real compared to an engineered product. Well, the Prestige collection bucks that trend with high definition images on its thick surface. You can choose from five realistic styles in Dark Wenge, Midnight Hickory, Nightfall Hickory, Sunset Hickory, and Twilight Hickory. The tech specs are in-line with the rest of the series, but these planks are rated at an AC3 and are 6 ½” wide with a pressed edge.

Cabana Collection

When you want to bring the look of the tropics indoors, choosing an exotic wood is always a good choice. The Cabana Collection provides you with four interesting options in Sand Dollar, Rio, Ibiza, and Havana. Each brings something different to the table, but all are 7 5/8” wide with a pressed edge and designed to invoke the spirit of the ocean.

Forever Collection

Reclaimed flooring has grown in popularity as consumers look to go green and use old building materials in the process. The Forever Collection aims to provide homeowners with that look at a fraction of the price, whether you prefer boards with saw marks or ones that appear as if they are 80 years old. These 7 5/8” wide boards are 48” long and feature the company’s popular V-Groove edge.

Exotic Collection

If you liked the Cabana Collection but are looking for something that reminds you of the rainforest or mountains instead of the ocean, you’ll want to consider the Exotic Collection from Eternity Floors. Rosewood, Brazilian Cherry and Rustic Olive are just a few of the available styles from this colorful collection. While not quite as durable as some of the other lines at an AC3, these good-looking planks have a V-Groove edge and are 6 ½” wide.


From a style standpoint, we feel Eternity does an excellent job. There are plenty of collections, and we like the amount of variance between each series when it came to color and style. They also have a nice mix of rustic laminate flooring to go along with boards that have a more traditional vibe. While we didn’t notice as many Greys or lighter shades compared to other brands, they have a nice selection overall.

Construction and Durability

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, construction and durability are where these collections begin to separate themselves. As we discussed in our laminate flooring buying guide, this type of flooring is rather simple compared to other multi-layered products. There’s still a wear layer and the overall thickness to consider, however, and you’ve got a mixed bag across the company’s product lines.

Most of the flooring from Eternity has an AC4 rating, which is technically rated for commercial use. In other words, those will hold up well in high-traffic areas of your home. Other collections are rated at AC3, which is still perfectly fine for residential use, but the warranty is also tied to each product’s AC rating, unfortunately.


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