marmoleum flooring pros and cons

marmoleum flooring pros and cons



The Pros And Cons Of Marmoleum Flooring

When it comes to flooring, there are a wide range of options to choose from. For an affordable and attractive flooring, you can go with linoleum. Within linoleum, there are even more varieties, including marmoleum. This is the newest type of linoleum flooring, made completely from natural materials. It is a combination of wood flour, cork dust, burlap, and pine resins. Here are the pros and cons of marmoleum flooring to help you decide.

Pro: It is Eco-Friendly

Due to the natural materials used to manufacture marmoleum tile flooring, it is considered an eco-friendly alternative to other flooring styles. Not only are the materials themselves natural and not made with chemical processes, but they are also bio-degradable, making for easy disposal if you ever pull up the flooring. In addition, they are not made with toxic chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Con: More Maintenance is Required

A big drawback to choosing marmoleum flooring is that it will require more maintenance. While daily care might be easy, you will need to polish and maintain it frequently. Marmoleum is not great at avoiding stains, scuffs, scratches, or dents, therefore you need to be very careful with it. You should not keep it in high-traffic areas due to this problem. When you have marmoleum flooring, sealing is essential, along with frequent polishing to keep that beautiful and unique shine.

Pro: It is resistant to dust and heat

While long-term maintenance might require more work, daily cleaning isn’t so bad. In fact, marmoleum flooring is unique in that it has anti-static properties. This allows it to repel dust, so you don’t have to sweep up dust and dirt quite as often. In addition, it won’t feel cold underneath your feet like many other types of tile and wood flooring. These properties also allow marmoleum flooring to be resistant to heat, so if there is excessive heat hitting the floor, it won’t get damaged from it.

Con: The installation process is more difficult

Another disadvantage to having marmoleum flooring is that it is harder to install, which therefore makes it time-consuming and more expensive. You will need to find a flooring contractor specializing in this type of flooring. It is more difficult to handle and install, so researching a contractor is definitely useful. Because of the difficulty, expect to pay more for labor costs with this flooring, as opposed to others like it.


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