seven floors of hell

seven floors of hell




7 Floors of Hell is one of the leading attractions in the country. As well as one of the top rated haunted houses in the nation.

7 Floors of Hell has 7 haunted houses at 1 location, world-class make up special effects. A monster midway with food, games, merchandise, and so much more!

Seven Floors of Hell doesn’t change just one or two rooms a year SevenFloorsofHell changes close to 50% of it show to bring back a fresh and new event and stay on the cutting-edge you’ll never see the same thing two years in a row!

7 completely different themed haunted attractions. Other haunted houses keep you for 15 minutes, but you’ll be at the Seven Floors of Hell Haunted Scream Park for hours!

Seven Floors of Hell is part of America Haunts, which is a group of the top-rated haunted attractions in the USA. We’ve been featured on the NBC Today Show, Travel Channel, CNN, Forbes magazine and Fangoria magazine.

Located conveniently in Cleveland Ohio right off of I-71 and Bagley Road. we’ve been Cleveland’s premier haunted attraction for 20 years! You will experience your worst fears, tears and frights!

We’re not a haunted house; we’re an entire haunted SCREAM PARK!


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