alternative fence material

alternative fence material



  • Not only is bamboo very fast-growing but it’s renewable, making it a great option for any homeowner looking to DIY a border around his or her property. It can be used in two different ways – cut and dried and installed upright as a physical barrier or left to grow wild and contained as a border around the yard and property.
  • Bamboo screens are very inexpensive and easy to install. Since they can be rolled up, they do not have to be a permanent solution to your fencing problem. This makes them ideal if you want to have privacy in your yard but also need to be able to open up the space.
  • As a living border, bamboo grows so incredibly fast that it will quickly fill in the space at your property. It’s very low-maintenance and will only need to be contained in its location, not trimmed or maintained in any other way.
  • Because bamboo grows so quickly and is widespread, it is easy and inexpensive to find large amounts of both the live plant to plant for a living border and dried bamboo that can be installed in more of a traditional-type fence.
  • Bamboo will blend in to the yard and woods of your property instead of sticking out the way that a metal fence would.


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