what kind of plywood for shed floor

what kind of plywood for shed floor



FLOOR FRAME KIT for Shed Sizes 8×8 10×7 10×8 10×9 10×10 8×6 10×6 5×4 6×5 4×7 4×10 10×11 10×12 10×13 or 10×14

  • HDG STEEL technology – steel undergoes a hot dipped galvanization process providing superior corrosion resistance.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lets you choose your floor finishing material (not included)
  • Keeps contents off the ground
  • Place in shed after it is assembled

Build a plywood floor for your Shelterlogic / Arrow Shed Building with one of these kits. Match your shed size and select the correct kit!

This floor kit is not designed to be a base for your shed. But, rather, after your shed is constructed, the floor kit is assembled inside, and then a plywood floor would be laid on top of the floor kit.


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