wood filler for deck cracks

wood filler for deck cracks



The Abatron WoodEpox is our top product in the list of the best wood fillers for decks. This product comes in a complete kit that facilitates the filling of cracks on wood surfaces. What’s even amazing about this product is the fact that it cures within one hour. It is easy to mold.

One drawback of this product is that you cannot stain it easily. However, it’s a good wood filler for outdoor projects due to its strong resistance. Even if applied on a structure that receives direct sunlight, this product will still not crack with time a characteristic shared by all epoxy wood fillers.

Note: Use this product on hardwoods such as white oak. This product is not good with softwoods.

As you’d expect, this product is available in tow a two-part solution, one with a 32 oz epoxy filler container and the other a 32 oz hardener. 


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