Rayne demonseed 2014

Rayne demonseed 2014

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Rayne Demonseed

The Rayne Demonseed is a speed demon with a million tricks up its sleeve. It’s a double drop design featuring not only a universal drop through mounting but also comfortable 1-inch linear drop platform. What this does is makes sure your Demonseed is extremely low to the ground, lowering your center of gravity. Its 34.5 inch wheelbase also adds to the ballsy stability you already have, making sure that when you’re charging as fast as humanely possible, you’re ready to hit the speed of light. But not only is the Demonseed awesome for downhilling, it’s also a great long distance skating board. Because the Demonseed is built to be extremely low, it doubles as a great push board. The Demonseed is the board of choice for long distance skaters Paul Kent and Aaron Enevoldsen who has pushed this board across countries such as Morocco and Peru. Because of its bamboo and fiberglass construction, the Rayne Demonseed can handle these long distance skate trips over thousands of miles through rain, dirt, mud, ice, and all other forms of destruction mother nature wants to throw at it. Whether downhilling and freeriding is your fix, or if you’re ready to go from coast to coast via skateboard, the Rayne Demonseed is sure to suit your style just right.


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