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paleo frog deck

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So Dzeef made a video about this deck, and I decided to make a sort of variant on it. This is more so a stun and control based deck, using the Paleos to fuck wit the opponent as you swarm the field. Deck guide.
3x Swap Frog- graveyard setup and easy special summon, can also serve to get out more with an extra normal summon. great card
3x Dupe Frog- pops up and searches, you’ll most likely link it away or something to get it’s search off
3x Poison Draw Frog- also gives a nice draw when linked away or tributed for an effect, also doesn’t have a once per turn on it’s draw
3x Ronintoadin- Again, easy special summon for swarming
3x Treeborn Frog- Can special summon himself for swarming, although using him can be a bit inconsitent due to the Paleos
3x Tradetoad- Monster recovery and graveyard setup in one
3x Ash Blossom- just dont play lol
2x Ghost Ogre- helps to destroy strong shit that the frogs can’t get over themselves
1x Foolish Burial- gy setup
1x Monster Reborn- Utilizes the GY for more swarming
3x Canadia- flips down a problem monster so it cant activate it’s effects or anything, won’t work on links but can still work on problem cards like Conducter Tyranno
3x Dinomischuis- GY setup with the discard and banishes a problem card
3x Marella- GY setup for the other Paleos, so you can set up easier
3x Olenoides- destroys backrow against problem decks like Eldlich
3x Pikai- Draw power and Gy setup, super underappreciated imo
3x Trap Trick- basically searches out your traps way easier if there’s one you need but didn’t open
Extra deck
2x Toadally Awesome- Swarming, GY setup, and negations against decks like Eldlich. Great card
2x Opabinia- searches and allows you to activate Paeleoz from hand, which is amazing
2x Anomalocaris- GY setup, draw, and destruction for cards you can’t just beat over
2x Linkurboh- can be linked into from Tradetoad or Treeborn frog, then links into secure gardna
2x Secure Gardna- links into from Linkuribo, helps to stun the opponent heavily
2x Apolousa- Great negates and all around great card
2x I;P masqureana- link up into Apolousa
Playing guide
The deck isn’t super complex or anything, as it doesn’t have any long winded combos. You want to set up a strong backrow of Paelos and swarm the field with frogs by dumping them and special summoning them, then going into either A) Toadally Awesome for a normal grind game or B) Apolousa to negate and wittle them down quicker. the Apolousa route takes much more resources but can wittle down the opponent quicker, and Toadally grinds slower and swarms much better but still takes less resources, so it’s up to your opening hand and GY setup to which path you want to take. Afterwards, stun your opponent heavily with the Paleos and special summon them later to make more XYZ (or links), to stun your opponent and eventually OTK them.
Note: you’ll want to go first for the more control based focus of the deck, and the deck costs around 139 American dollars all together, not accounting for the side deck. Also, I think this deck might come into the spotlight more and maybe be a good rouge contender, although time will tell
Any suggestions are appreciated. Have a good day


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