how to install laminate flooring door threshold

how to install laminate flooring door threshold



Laying laminate through doorways where two rooms meet, getting them neat around the door jambs

During the flooring installation laying laminate in a doorway perfectly is not so difficult when you start laying the floor boards at the wall that has the door in it. But, when the last few floorboards of your laminate floor need to be laid under the door jambs or through the door lining or door-frame it seems impossible to get them in without leaving any visible gaps!

Because you are a pro and are doing the job properly, you’ll be installing the architraves & fixing the skirting boards afterwards for a seamless install (if the job is a refurbishment or renovation, take the existing ones off carefully so they can be refitted afterwards).

In case you haven’t seen it on the previous page and unless you are laying a continuous laminate floor, the sketch below highlights how the threshold (that covers the join between the two rooms) should finish at the door way – it is tight in between the door jambs & also central underneath the door.

I have seen DIY flooring attempts that have finished differently to this meaning when the door is closed, you can see the hallway carpet in the bedroom or the other way around for example!

By making sure the threshold is hidden when the door is in its closed position you can prevent that happening.


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