yugioh swarm deck

yugioh swarm deck

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  • They can often otk out of nowhere by swarming the board
  • Cards aimed at getting rid of ‘boss’ monsters off the board such as Kaiju’s or Creature Swap are ineffective against them.
  • They have very explosive plays and usually don’t require specific combo’s. They can put a lot of damage on board with relatively little effort.


  • Sometimes their huge boards require them to use all their resources, effectively making it so they have to go for ‘all or nothing’ scenarios.
  • Susceptibele to mass removal cards such as Raigeki, Dark Hole and Torrential Tribute.
  • If you manage to stop their aggressive play, they often lose. Most real swarm decks have little follow up plays once they have a severe card disadvantage, barring mass summon cards such as Rekindling and Soul Charge.


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