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Brandon james district

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Brandon James signature deck.

The first District deck with a forged headtube. The special one-piece construction features two supportive walls designed to reduce weight while maximizing strength. The forged headtube is strong and built for integrated headsets, and comes with a cutout. The deck is extra wide and has four rails on the bottom for better control in grinds.

Notice: Does not work with the Phoenix Wedge Phorx or the Lucky LS Fork. Furthermore – Mounting wheels on this deck can be difficult. Please see our guide below.

  1. Ensure the bearings are correctly placed in your wheel / in level with the core.
  2. Pull the rubber adapter with brake/spacers out ca. 1cm.
  3. Insert the wheel straight /centered between the spacers.
  4. Push or knock it into the deck and insert the axle.

The plastic adapters on this deck may cause noise when riding and can be removed without affecting the performance.


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