spongy rv floor

spongy rv floor

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What are the basics you need to know about travel trailer floor repair? How can you tell you need it — and why does it matter?

Well, one surefire way to learn that your travel trailer’s floor needs a little love is to walk on it and discover it isn’t exactly structurally stable. A spongy RV floor signals that there’s damage that has led to rot, which may be due to a water leak or other mechanical failure.

Your RV’s floor quite literally holds you up while you walk around inside the rig, not to mention all those heavy pieces of furniture and appliances. Thus, a floor with structural integrity isn’t just a luxury: it’s a requirement.

If you’ve discovered a not-so-stable RV floor while you’re still in the market for your next rig, you may want to go ahead and throw in the towel while you’re ahead. Unless you’ve got a really good deal on your hands, it’s likely going to be more work to fix the floor than it’s worth.

But if you’re the super thrifty DIY type — or you’re dealing with floor rot in a rig you’ve already got — fixing the floor yourself may be your best option. In the next section, let’s look into what you need to do to tackle travel trailer floor repair on your own.


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