pryor flooring colorado springs

pryor flooring colorado springs




The Professionals Choice for All of Your Hardwood Flooring Needs. Pryor Floor has been in business since 1970, and is locally owned and managed. For over thirty years we’ve grown our roots here in the Pikes Peak region with our commitment to quality, workmanship, integrity, and service. Based in Colorado Springs, Pryor Floor is one of the region’s oldest and most respected hardwood flooring companies. We carry a full spectrum of natural wood flooring products, and our services encompass needs ranging from the smallest remodel to the most demanding home building projects. We pay the utmost attention to quality, and do every job as if our reputation depends upon it — because it does, as we depend upon word-of-mouth for the bulk of our work. Pryor Floor is locally owned and managed. The owners are actively involved in the business on a daily basis, so we practice a hands-on management philosophy instead of absentee ownership. This allows us to be more responsive to the customer’s needs and monitor the course of the business. It also means that your money stays in the community. We are wood flooring specialists: it’s our focus, and the only trade we do, and we’re very good at it. We have separated each phase of the operation, so that our workers specialize in the phase that they are responsible for (installation, sanding, or finishing). All work is performed by employees of Pryor Floor, and not by subcontractors…


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