how to attach rafters to beam

how to attach rafters to beam



What Are Trusses And Rafters?

Both trusses and rafters can be used to create the roof of a building. While they function similarly, they have unique differences that affect how they attach to the supporting walls.

Let’s begin by comparing these two different roof styles. Rafters are beams that run from the peak of the roof to the top plate of the supporting walls. They join at the peak of the roof by connecting to the opposing rafter or to a ridge beam that runs the length of the peak of the house or shed. Rafters are installed piece-by-piece during the construction of the roof.

Trusses, like rafters, form the profile of the structure’s roof. However, unlike rafters, trusses are pre-assembled before being installed. Trusses consist of two lengths of lumber that create the upper edge of the truss, a bottom chord that connects the two opposite ends of the top chord, and a series of supporting webwork in the middle.


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