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fence estimator menards

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Are you looking to add value, beauty, security, or privacy to your home? A fence might be the perfect solution! Whether you’re hoping to revamp your lawn’s style or keep your kids and pets contained, Menards® has a wide selection of tools and products to help you build the perfect fence for your home.
Planning for Your Fence

Before getting too far in the process, you’ll have to do some careful research and planning. Follow the tips below, and you’ll find that installing your fence is a breeze!

Purpose: Consider why you are constructing a fence. Do you want more security or privacy? If you want more privacy, you will want to construct a tall fence with small gaps. If you want to keep your pets or children in your yard, you may not need to have a tall fence, but you will want to ensure that your fence is sturdy and secure. Check all the gaps in your fence, and make sure that they are small enough so that your pets or children stay out of harm’s way.

Building Codes: Contact your local building authorities, homeowners, or neighborhood association to see if your fence needs to meet any requirements regarding the height, appearance, location, and/or materials. You may need to acquire a special permit before you install your fence.

Utility Lines: Most fences require some digging for installation. For your safety, call your local utility company to check if there are any utility lines buried in the area where you plan on digging or installing your fence. Many utility companies offer this service


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