how many even cards are in a deck

how many even cards are in a deck



  1. Rummy is the game played with an objective of forming at least two sequences one of which must be a pure one and the remaining cards will be used to form sequences or sets. So, remember this objective carefully and give your priority to form pure sequence first. This is the important tip for any Rummy player.
  2. Holding high value cards is a taboo and so discard them as far as possible immediately so that you are not burdened with more points.
  3. Know how to use joker cards (wild card / printed joker) since they can be used to replace any card to form a sequence or set. Do remember joker cards cannot be used to form pure sequences.
  4. Have a close watch on the moves of your opponents and ascertain from their actions as to what type of arrangements they are trying to form. The following methods can be used to gauge your opponents and influence them.
    1. Discard a random card that you have a two of and see if your opponent picks it up. If he does you will know what sequence is he looking for.
    2. Keep discarding lower value cards or picking up high value cards for three to four consecutive turns so that you can confuse your opponent into thinking that you are about to finish the game.
    3. Keep drawing cards from the open deck which will confuse your opponents who will fold the cards thinking you are winning the game. This act of confusing your opponent is called bluffing.
  5. Do not hold any card for too long. Keep changing your plan as per the existing situation and be flexible. Persevering with just one plan is not a clever idea to win Rummy. Always look for plan B.
  6. If you are unable to finish the game holding difficult set of cards, just drop yourself from the game so that at least you are not losing with more points. You can either drop yourself at the beginning of the game or at the middle of the game.


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