alexandria moulding lowes

alexandria moulding lowes



Bring Rooms to Life With Moulding, Wall Panels and More

Moulding elements and wall panels can make a significant impact on a room’s look and feel. There are different moulding options and several areas where you can apply it, ranging from walls and ceilings to floorboards. Want to add moulding to your home but not sure where to start? We’ll help break down the most popular types of moulding and where to use it.

Types of Moulding
Primary trim, which includes casings around doors and windows, baseboard along floors and crown moulding where walls and ceilings meet, is the most popular option used in homes today.

For more design-enhancing trim, there’s chair rail, panel moulding and architraves. Chair rail moulding is applied on the wall about 1/3 of the way up from the floor. Panel moulding is a purely decorative moulding used to trim raised-panel wall construction. Architrave moulding is installed high above a window to help disguise miter lines and add extra decorative detail.

Decorative trim, the most distinct of all moulding types, includes details like corner blocks, plinths, rosettes and more. Corner blocks are square blocks used in place of mitering side and head casings. Plinths are decorative blocks of wood that are thicker and wider than a door casing and used as part of the door trim at its base. Rosettes are decorative wood plaques used at the intersection of two materials. Corbels are decorative supports that jut out of walls and offer an architectural look. Finials are decorative accent pieces modeled after historic designs that can be applied to trim and mantels for added sophistication.

As you can see, there are many types of moulding to choose from, all with different purposes and styles. For more information on all of the options available, check out our Moulding Glossary. Moulding can be used in virtually any home, whether its aesthetic is classic, modern or Craftsman. On, we make it easy to shop for window and door frame trim, baseboard moulding and more, all broken out by style.


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