level 12 yugioh cards

level 12 yugioh cards

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Believe it or not, only 25 level 12 monsters exist in Yugioh, with only 4 rank 12 XYZ monsters. It seems this level is quite exclusive, reserved for only the most epic cards out there. You’ll often find level 12 monsters are much stronger than most monsters of lower levels and have much more awesome art. Of course this is justified, level 12 is the max level  a monster can reach so it has to portray its awesomeness!

This list will take a look at the 10 best level 12 monsters in Yugioh. Usually (as in, every other Yugioh list) I consider difficulty to summon when determining rankings, however I’ve taken a more relaxed approach as I really want to show you the pinnacle of all boss monsters in their full glory!


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