cozy challenger floor furnace

cozy challenger floor furnace



Narrow Width 30,000 BTU Model
Installs between a standard 16ā€³ center joist without cutting the joist

Continuous-Seam Welded Combustion Chamber
Constructed of heavy 18 gauge steel maximizes heat transfer

Inner Jacket
Suspended with ā€œUā€ type interlocking brackets & is easily removed for cleaning

Jet Tube Burners
Durably constructed of aluminized steel and provide excellent flame characteristics for natural gas.

100% Safety Pilot / Built in Pressure Regulator
Completely stops the flow of gas in the event pilot flame is extinguished

Low BTU Pilot
Durably constructed of stainless steel and provides maximum efficiency during standby

Safety Limit Control
Maintains the lowest possible grill temperature consistent with heating required

Draft Diverter
Included in all units and prevents pilot and burner outage due to downdraft

Matchless Spark Ignition
Eliminates the need for matches or lighting tools


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