sled deck designs

sled deck designs

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The ramp is 10 feet long and combining that with the beaver tail it is 11 feet. It is effortless to load and unload my sleds!


I have 4 eye loops on each leg that get strapped to the tie downs in the bed. I think i am going to fab up a mount that will slide into my b&w gooseneck hitch just for added strength, but as of now its real solid and doesn’t move.


I used:

1x2x1/8″ steel tubing for the deck and frame rails

1.5×1.5″ steel tubing for the legs and ramp

6×1/8 flat stock for sides


Things that will be done by the end of this week:

1. building my new ramp

2. bought led strips that will go along the side outside edge for marker lights, they also change color and strobe for added fun;)

3. decide how i want to make it look a little better: any ideas are welcome!

a. wrap down the side

b. cut a bunch of decals with my die cutter and put them down the side


Note: i am building another ramp this week out of just 1×2 and 1×1 steel tubing because the one i already built is just way overkill and too heavy.


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