ark fence foundation tips

ark fence foundation tips



Does anyone have tips on fence building on uneven terrain?
I tried to build a fence to pen in my Dino’s The problem is that you can rarely find any flat land so the fence foundations end up half buried in the ground. This makes it really difficult to place the next one since you can’t see where the last one ended. This is also a problem if you build on grass, the grass obscures the end of the foundation so you can’t see where to place the next one, consequently it overlaps or leaves a gap.

As a result, I placed the foundations and went to place walls on them but many of my walls are now obstructed by the previous wall so there are huge gaps in my fence. Either that, or there’s a gap where the foundation didn’t snap to the end of the previous one. It seems even a 4 foot wide turtle can escape through a gap only a few inches wide since one of my turtles was seen wandering off into the distance.

Does anyone have a tutorial on fence building on uneven terrain? Something that can help others create a fence that doesn’t have gaps in. The steps down due to uneven terrain are not a problem, the problem is doing it without having gaps or overlaps.


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