Menards fence estimator

Menards fence estimator

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To successfully install your fence, it’s important that you mark the locations of the fence posts, gates, corners, and ends of your fence. Follow these steps to ensure the proper layout for your fence:
1. After reviewing your property’s boundaries, stake out the fence line. Be sure to include gates, corners, and the ends of the fence line.

2. Tightly tie string or twine between corner posts to determine where fence posts will go.

3. Measure your fence panels (preassembled units that easily attach to fence posts) and mark the locations of the line posts (the posts located between the end posts that also support the fence).

4. Using a stake, mark tentative locations for your fence posts. Ensure that the posts will line up evenly by double-checking that the stakes touch the string or twine you laid out.

Don’t be afraid to take your time as you complete these steps! It’s best to slow down and make sure you get things right the first time.


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