6″ Redwood bender board

6″ Redwood bender board

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When it comes to choosing materials for your indoor or outdoor projects, one truth reigns above all else: there’s nothing like the real thing. Redwood’s beauty and strength come from natural qualities inherent in this majestic specie of wood. It has long been the building material of choice for interior accents because of it’s one-of-a-kind look, and for outdoor living projects due to its legendary durability. Redwood’s tannins give the lumber warm tones and exemplary strength against insects and moisture, proving its durability time and time again for more than a century. Redwood is a renewable resource and environmentally responsible choice for projects inside and out. The redwood in Lowe’s is harvested from family owned forestlands along California’s coast, where trees grow slowly and develop the strength, warm tones and natural durability inherent in this specie of lumber. Fine-milled close to the source, every bit of the resource is utilized – right down to the bark and sawdust that go into making great garden mulch and soil amendments. There are no landfill issues with redwood either because redwood is recyclable and entirely biodegradable. That’s all part of why building with redwood goes hand-in-hand with living sustainable.
  • Naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects
  • Renewable resource and environmentally friendly
  • Weathers beautifully and naturally


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